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Watering More Effectively and Efficiently!

There are several factors to consider when thinking about your irrigation system. Two most important items to think about is the quality of PVC that is in the ground and another hidden cost, watering nothing.

Like everything, PVC has a useful life. It is buried under shifting ground, heated during the summer, and almost freezing temperatures in the winter. It is constantly under heavy internal pressure. Over time there is a repair here or there, and they all add up. These repairs become possible weak points in the system and lead to headaches down the road.


Communities age and plants that were once alive in the community have died and been removed. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to replace them at that time. All too often plugging the drip emitter is missed, leaving many unplugged drip emitters that, over time are watering nothing.

Our Enhancement team will work directly with both the board and community manager to create a multi phase system renovation to get your community watering more effectively and efficiently, saving them on both water and repair costs!

A lot of our customers have seen a return on their investment in less than 2 years! If your community is over 20 years old and irrigation repair costs are creeping up, reach out to us today for an assessment! info@proquallandscaping.com