Equipment & Technology

When our supervisor and crew arrives on your property to provide landscaping services, you will immediately notice the ProQual difference. We strive to maintain a professional appearance when in and around your property. Our vehicles and equipment are up to date and well maintained. You will never have to feel embarrassed when our team is is working on your grounds.


ProQual maintains a complete in-house equipment service center at our corporate office to ensure smooth-running tools and equipment for our landscape maintenance staff. Well maintained equipment allows us to keep tight schedules and reduce any delays due to mechanical failure of any kind. We make sure that our trucks arrive on your site in tip-top condition and sparkling clean.

Keeping up with the latest equipment gives ProQual the advantage to complete our services in an efficient, timely manner.



ProQual uses the most advanced technology available for both internal and customer communication. Our supervisors are able to provide immediate notice of any issue along with photo documentation to our corporate office via cellular networks. So, don't be surprised to see our supervisors on your property with their iPads and smart phones.

When it comes to water management and irrigation, ProQual is ahead of the competition. Our satellite monitored water control systems make automatic adjustments to save on water usage and expenses. These controllers are so smart, they even know when it's going to rain! Contact us to start saving money on water today.