Safety & Quality Control

Excellence in Safety is a matter of practice at ProQual Landscaping. All employees at ProQual, from ownership to field workers, take everyone’s safety seriously. Maintaining an exemplary safety record in the field allows us to pass on to our clients the savings that result from a lower number of on-the-job accidents.

ProQual Philosophies of Excellent Safety: 

Injuries don’t have to happen. By implementing proper procedures and conducting on-the-job safety training we are able to prevent a large percentage of accidents. 
Once proper training is completed our employees accept responsibility and are committed to doing what has been taught in order to prevent accidents.
Ultimately Management is responsible for the safety of those who report to them. With follow through and communication, ProQual’s management staff takes accident prevention to the next level.


Quality Control 
Quality is in our name! We have cultivated a multi-tier Quality Control Program that we utilize as a strong partnership tool between us and our clients. It is our intent to ensure that we are exceeding the expectations of the clients on every level and that they do not have to spend their valuable time managing our systems and processes. This interactive program requires timely and straight forward feedback from the client in order to help us to continuously improve our level of service and fine tune our processes. ProQual is a full service landscape management company providing our clients in Arizona all of their Landscaping needs with an inherent level of professionalism and steadfast, quality workmanship. ProQual is driven to ensure our clients have the peace of mind that their landscape is being managed by an industry leader. Through an extensive communication and follow-up process we shall provide you with the best customer service in the industry.

We are about relationships! It is our experience that when you care it makes a difference. ProQual is inclined to meet with our clients, listen to their specialized needs for their properties and form a partnership built on faith and trust that we are all on the same team with the same common goals and commitment to complete end user satisfaction. Through this unique relationship, we shall develop a customized landscape services package based on the individual clients' expectations and needs. We tailor landscape management programs for HOA's resorts, business parks, retail developments and multi-housing developments.

Our team consists of hard working crews in the field and dedicated employees in our offices. We conduct our relationships with honesty and integrity using a knowledgeable, well-trained professional staff. ProQual Landscaping resources include state of the art equipment, the latest technologies and treatments, and comprehensive insurance. All of this provides customers with the assurance that knowledgeable professionals manage their projects.