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Creating the Best Experience for Our Customers!

We have a dedicated team committed to making sure our vehicles make up the best fleet on the road. Our team utilizes Fleetio, Modern Fleet Maintenance Software, to track and maintain all of our vehicles to the highest standards. This robust system allows our Operation Team, Drivers, and Mechanics to be connected and up-to-date on every single vehicle!

Pair that with Samsara, the leader in Fleet Tracking Software. The Samsara system tracks our fleet better than any GPS system we have used to date. Their live, up to the second tracking feature, is an industry game changer, that no one else offers.

The two systems seamlessly integrate, sharing information like vehicle odometer readings to help our team proactively maintain our vehicles! In turn, keeping our fleet on the road, and providing the best experience for our customers!

We are always sharing the ways we implement technology. Not to show we are the most tech verse Landscape Management Company out there, but to demonstrate our commitment to our customers! We understand that processes are ever evolving. With advancements in technology, to do something today the same way you did it 10, or even 5 years ago is practically archaic.