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Replacing Solar Irrigation Timers, Upgrading Technology, Increasing Value

Over the past several years, landscape contractors have been experiencing many issues with solar irrigation timers. Amongst the various issues, the systems are also very limited in their capabilities. Cameron Ranch HOA, in Gilbert Arizona, was experiencing these issues and wanted a solution that would help them in the future year of their beautiful community. Partnering with ProQual Landscaping, the board of directors set out to make the upgrades necessary to solve some of their irrigation system issues and increase the value of their community.


  • Cameron Ranch HOA was originally built with a solar based irrigation system.
  • Community consists of 10 acres of beautifully landscaped common areas

Proposed Solutions:

  • Replacing solar irrigation timers with custom option from ProQual Landscaping.
  • Implementing technology throughout the community, including Cloud Based “Smart” irrigation controllers.
"We are starting to see a big trend of communities ready to invest in their irrigation systems. When they see the 1 to 2 year return on investment, they get excited about the other enhancement projects their able to do with the savings."  
- Glen Winter, ProQual Landscaping

With this system in place their community has a projected 2 year return on investment! Saving the excess spend on water and following their water budget, they are able to put that money back into their community in through other enhancement projects! 


ProQual Landscaping is a Phoenix based landscape contractor, specializing in Landscape Enhancement and Water Management services, for large scale Homeowners Associations.