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Arizona HOA saves $250,000 in water… and has never looked better!

Cross River HOA, a master-planned community consisting of 1,307 homes, hired ProQual Landscaping in January of 2017. While performing a full Irrigation System Assessment and Audit, during their “30 Day Start Up process”, ProQual found many areas where they could conserve water.


  • Cross River HOA common areas consists of 35 acres of grass, and over 22 acres of landscaped granite areas.
  • In past years, the community has spent in upwards of $700,000 in water usage.

ProQual Landscaping presented several Landscape Management recommendations and a plan to reduce their overall water usage by over 30%!

Proposed Solutions:

  • Repairing ongoing leaks and other system repairs, increasing the overall irrigation system efficiency.
  • Implementing technology throughout the community, including Cloud Based “Smart” irrigation controllers.
  • Turf Management plan, focusing on amending the soil to provide better nutrient uptake to the plant, while reducing the need to water. 
As a result, Cross River HOA saved over $250,000 in water usage for 2017, compared to the prior year! “For 2018, their water budget has been reduced even further. Right now, we are currently tracking under that budget…. And not only are we tracking under that budget, the community has never looked better!” Nick Sewald, ProQual Account Manager

ProQual Landscaping is performing this same process on many other HOA communities across the Phoenix Valley, and this new approach of proactive managing the water usage, is attracting many new customer leads. Scott Needham, ProQual President says, “I want to set the bar for other Landscape Management companies. We should all be aware that water is a precious resource and one of our HOA’s largest expense… and we have 100% control of that expense. That’s a responsibility we take very seriously!” 



ProQual Landscaping is a Phoenix based landscape contractor, specializing in Landscape Enhancement and Water Management services, for large scale Homeowners Associations.